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LN-CC Recordings Launch Night 12th December

It was inevitable I guess; LN-CC were always going to take this step officially. Think about who works there: Jonny Nash from Land Of Light, Dan Mitchell from Bad Passion… In fact they’re all total record nerds. So, subsequently you also know that when they do this they’re going to do it with some conviction. […]

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Crue-L Grand Orchestra ‘(You Are) More Than Paradise’ (Theo Parrish Long Version 1)(Crue-L Records)

I feel like such a darned hypocrite when it comes to Theo Parrish, the remixer of this record (see my rant about Billy Love for some clarification). I’ve thought him overrated for so long, yet now I think he’s a genius. Inconsistent much? Still, I continue to think his early records are crappy, but I […]

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Theo Parrish live in Berlin

Red Bull Music Academy Radio are throwing down some crackers at the moment. I thought I’d pop up this mix series; it contains more Theo Parrish on the wheels than you could ever possibly want in a day, or most certainly need. Enjoy.

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Billy Love ‘Melloghettomental’

At some point in the last decade I remember reading an interview with a young Theo Parrish that I found so grievously pompous, that I scored a three point rubbish bin shot after four paragraphs. It’d always seemed to me that he was a little too sure, and not substantial enough in his output. Yet […]

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LCD Soundsystem- ’45:33′ (Theo Parrish Space Cadet Mix) DFA Records

Now, under normal circumstances I’d be blogging this for rampant downloading (as a low grade virtually useless MP3 of course) but unfortunately I’ve been put on the¬†DFA “Very Naughty Boy” list and told (albeit very politely by label boss and Heads Down fan Jonathan Galkin) to cease and desist. SO, less I do actually experience […]

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