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This Saturday: Special Needs with Untracked Recordings

It’s not often I post gigs (I think I’ve posted three in total), but every now and then something comes up which has to be ANNOUNCED LOUDLY. Last year Red Rack’em (aka Hot Coins aka Daniel Berman) invited me to tropical Nottingham to play one of his notorious invite-only Smuggler’s Inn parties. Now, Danny’s not […]

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Special Needs @ The Lockside Lounge, Saturday, September 26th

Now I don’t usually post my gigs (maybe I should start- duh), but this should be awesome. The Special Needs crew are total freaks, not only for the music, but for the PARTY. The happening’s at Camden’s Lockside Lounge which is super-friendly and just the right side of controlled chaos. I haven’t played for these […]

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