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Seahawks Questicle Comic Strip

Pete Fowler (one of the cosmic adventurers behind the wonderful Seahawks) has just started posting these ‘Questicle’ comic strips, which I think are striking high on the awesomometer. Pete’s obviously well know for his Monsterism designs; now he’s turned not just his musical but his visual skills to the Seahawks project. Dope.

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Cool stuff I was sent in August

I’ve recently discovered that you know your blog is gaining traction not when you get over a certain amount of hits per month or whatever, but when you start getting sent cool shit. By cool shit I don’t mean some lame promo CD (I get sent A LOT of those) but stuff that you might […]

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Seahawks ‘Omega Beach’ (Captains Log)

Seahawks are two music enthusiasts named Jon Tye and Pete Fowler (he of Monsterism fame). Couple of guys, little vinyl record label (Captains Log), a bit of gear (I’m talking about synths here, hedonists)… All pleasantly predictable enough right? But here’s where it gets interesting. Because these guys are doing something truly and identifiably original. […]

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