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LX ‘Synchro Swim’

I’m totally off the pace on this one (its pretty much sold out everywhere bar LN-CC, last time I checked), but this Lexx edit of ‘Black Stations/White Stations’ is the splice of the year for me, hands down. Absolutely perfect dancefloor-detonating arrangement, nice mastering… Fire in the hole! When Lexx is going to bestow upon […]

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Lexx Interview

vimeo Direkt Swiss DJ and producer Alex Storrer aka Lexx is one of the most respected members of the modern disco house firmament. He manages to achieve this without being particularly prolific, but by being high on the quality control and by being very selective as to where he releases his music; Permanent Vacation, Drumpoet […]

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Kathy Diamond Interview

Another week, another underground hero- or heroine in this case. Sheffield-born Kathy Diamond struck disco gold with her now classic collaboration with producer Maurice Fulton, “Miss Diamond To You”. The critical acclaim for single “All Woman” made label Permanent Vacation a label to watch and the record itself the first bonafide classic to come out […]

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