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Miss Represented (Party Central)

Laughing or whimpering? Blood stained five quid notes. Cheap chaffing leather. A beaming Patrick Cowley. The wrong party at the right time. Forgetting where you are on day two. The above were a few extremely half arsed notes that I made upon listening to this basement sleazefest for the first time. It’s a darkly gleeful […]

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Machine ‘Redhead’ (Joe Claussell Interpretations)

This looks great- I’ll definitely be getting my shabby ass down there. Maybe I’ll even don a caftan in Claussell’s honour. Or not, as the case may be. Go here for RSVP.

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Bad Passion with the Idjut Boys

I’m posting about this for two reasons, those reasons being the two exceptional sets of people involved. The Bad Passion boys are, you guessed it, endlessly passionate about their music and incredibly serious about the less-than-serious business of throwing a wicked party. The Idjut Boys are absolutely sensational on a good night, and nothing less […]

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TONIGHT at Mighty Mighty, Wellington, NZ

I’m very excited to announce I’ll be playing tonight at Wellington’s legendary Mighty Mighty from midnight till late with extremely able assistance from local hero B Lo (who more than knows his onions). The last time I played here two years ago I had A BALL, so it’s always a bit nerve-wrecking going back to […]

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Nick The Record Pop-Up Store At LN-CC

Nick The Record is one of those names that has been buried deep in my London musical consciousness since the early nineties (he was a regular player at DJ Harvey’s Moist night in Covent Garden), his name is almost a byword for record lust, obsessive collecting and an uncynical love for spreading the (near) perfect […]

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Horse Meat Disco Interview

vimeo Direkt I recently interviewed Horse Meat Disco’s James Hillard for the AllSaints Basement Sessions; HMD is London’s premier full scale disco party. He’s a most agreeable fellow and it’s so good to see them progressing and doing so well; there’s compilations, global touring… HMD is almost an international nightlife brand. Good on those men. […]

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Beam Me Up Carnival Special

Well, as you may know Heads Down is a London-based blog and as you may have heard, London has been experiencing some, well, difficulties of late. Stupefying difficulties infact. For all you LDN discoheads who dreamt of stepping out in the edgy and highly mythologized pre Giuliani NYC; maybe just walk out your front door […]

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Beam Me Up party this Saturday

First up, a big apology for the lack of activity on the blog. I’ve been rather busy with that tiresome malady know as ‘real life’ and haven’t had a chance to do any Heads Downery whatsoever. It’s made even worse by the fact I have some wonderful interviews waiting to be edited and posted… I […]

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Special Golf Channel Recordings Event

If you’re in London on Thursday 17th of February you should get down to this. Golf Channel are just about the hottest label coming out of New York right now (bar ESP Institute) and they just seem to be climbing further and further up the barometer, with super esoteric releases from Heroes Of The Galleon […]

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Pete Reilly (Soul Jazz) Interview

I was down at Red Bull Music Academy headquarters in London last night, as I heard they had free beer, Strada pizza and a table tennis table. Sold! Luckily they also were doing a little promo evening for the imminent Culture Clash party (check the link for details- it’s pretty awesome) and I knew that […]

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