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Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou ‘Jigoo’

For those of you who have followed the blog over the years it will come as no surprise that this is just another article of proof that my Maurice Fulton fanboydom is veering on out of control. From wayback in the Spectrum and Tranfusion label days to the golden era power punches of the Love […]

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Maurice Fulton RBMA Radio Show

Anyone who regularly visits my blog probably knows that I’ve got the hots for anything Maurice Fulton related. He hasn’t really delivered any stone-cold monsters since his work with Kathy Diamond though; remember the three pronged assault that was his mix of Alice Smith, the Ost & Kjex remix and Kathy’s ‘All Woman‘? I like […]

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Bryan Ferry ‘You Can Dance’ (Padded Cell Remix)

Do you remember back in the nineties when you used to describe a hot joint as being straight “gaaaangsta!”? Now don’t front, I know for a fact a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Before you became the austere chroniclers of all things high end, collectable and beardtastic, you used to rock […]

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