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Rising Sun ‘Remember EP’ (Kristofferson Kristofferson)

Rising Sun (aka Steffen Laschinski) follows up his ‘Nostalgia EP’ with a record that has had me sitting in the dark, whiskey in hand and on the verge of tears for a couple of nights now. Now before you yell “you drink too much loser”, or simply the timeless “your tears may stem from some […]

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Leo Zero ‘Very Repetitive’ LP (with free download)

If you’re a fan of Soundstream, Crydamoure and the rougher cut and paste end of vintage Roule, then you are going to lose your proverbial when you hear this. Leo Zero seems to be going from strength to strength production-wise; the relentless remix schedule over the past couple of years seems to have given him […]

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Limited Edition Locussolus album at LN-CC

DJ Harvey to you lot probably needs no introduction. If you are unaware of the surfer-cum-DJ-cum-producer then here’s your wakeup call. Harvey seems to live one of the most male-aspirational existences on the planet; after being landlocked in the States due to visa issues (in Hawaii- feel his pain), he now tours the world in […]

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Exclusive International Feel T Shirt & CD

My lovely peoples down at LN-CC (Bad Passion’s Dan Mitchell and the top-notch producer Jonny Nash amongst them) have just released this exclusive T Shirt/CD from Uruguay’s cosmic leftfield label International Feel. I remember when International Feel released those first edit bits and everyone thought the label being from Uruguay was some kind of joke […]

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Cool stuff I was sent in August

I’ve recently discovered that you know your blog is gaining traction not when you get over a certain amount of hits per month or whatever, but when you start getting sent cool shit. By cool shit I don’t mean some lame promo CD (I get sent A LOT of those) but stuff that you might […]

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