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Moody (Moodymann) ‘It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me’ (Mahogani)

There was a veritable commotion in Soho’s Sounds Of The Universe yesterday. Dudes were bouncing behind the till, heads were energetically bobbing, there was an air of tangible excitement that only comes once or twice a year in the jaded sepia world of record retail. That’s right, there’s a new record from the master. And […]

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Moodymann Lecture (RBMA)

Now, I don’t usually post stuff that I didn’t have a hand in making, but this is different. This is, quite possibly the greatest Red Bull Music Academy lecture ever, so damn right I’m going to put it up on Heads Down. Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr doesn’t do press, but it seems that when […]

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