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Apiento & Co ‘The Light Machine’

For all you suckers in the western hemisphere this record by Test Pressing’s Paul Byrne and Sade’s Andrew Hale will almost seem like a terrible taunt as the long dark tunnel of winter closes in. Trust me, I’ve been there. But if you happen to be sitting smugly in the southern hemisphere (or anywhere vaguely […]

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Alex Barck Interview

Alex Barck interview – AllSaints Basement Sessions from AllSaints Spitalfields on Vimeo. Alex Barck is Jazzanova’s DJ, one half of Prommer & Barck and one of the founding fathers of Sonar Kollektiv and Derwin Records. He’s also, incidentally, one of the most requested interviewees at Heads Down. I finally managed to track him down for […]

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The Horses ‘Do You Remember’ (KAT Records)

KAT Records (of which the legendary DJ and all-round northern lunatic Phat Phil Cooper is a proprietor) has had a superb year. There are edit labels and there are edit labels; KAT go for an attention to detail and hi-fidelity that most just can’t manage or are not bothered about. The Horses release featuring ‘Do […]

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Art, Music, Love & Money in Ibiza 2011

More ruminations on the state of the White Island from Nightmares On Wax, Toddla T et al… My own risible contributions included (inevitably). By the way: I meant ‘Two Of China’, not ‘Two China’, before any of you nerds get up in my grill!

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Changing Faces Of Music In Ibiza

The people behind the devilishly clever iPhone app Augmented Ibiza have lately been making some excellent little films based around the musical and cultural aspects of the White Island, and they foolishly asked me to come aboard and give my barely coherent two cents worth. It’s definitely an interesting watch (my gibbering aside) and definitely […]

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Nightmares On Wax Interview

vimeo Direkt I was in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago (god I wish I was still there) and as I was partially tiring of sun loungers and Cubra Libres (I’m kidding- I would never tire of that combo) I thought it would be incredibly selfish if I didn’t at least try and catch up […]

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BBC 6 Music 6 Mix vs Heads Down Radio

Yes, it’s about that time: the mighty Auntie Beeb is again injecting Heads Down with it’s global awesomeness, allowing more than you and your mate to hear the poorly yet passionately conceived selections and inane dribble emanating from yours truly. The last show had unbelievably strong ratings (thanks to you lot) and I’d like to […]

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Exclusive Balearic Mike Mixes

I don’t know Balearic Mike (aka Mike Smith) personally, but there’s something about his apparent lack of cynicism and infectious enthusiasm that makes him very welcome at Heads Down. Aside from being a celebrated DJ and collector, he’s also the dude behind the wonderful Fascinating Rhythms label; that last Sam Sallon 12″ is one of […]

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Jon Sa Trinxa Interview (Part Two)

Here’s part two of the Augmented Ibiza Jon Sa Trinxa interview I did as part of the (iPhone app)┬ápromo. Here he talks about his secret and not so secret spots in Ibiza (and the man knows!); if you’re heading to the island this summer or intend to in the future, this is a must-see. Sorry […]

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Jon Sa Trinxa Interview (Part One)

Jon Sa Trinxa is an extremely lucky dude. He has (I think 80% of DJ’s would agree) the dream gig. He plays epic sets twice a week to the sun-kissed faithful at Sa Trinxa on Ibiza’s Salines beach, as well as further sets all over the globe, all through the week. To put it simply, […]

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