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Caravan ‘Enfant De La Nuit’ Mix

So here it is: mix numero duo for 2013. I don’t know what it is (or was) that proved such a melon-twisting distraction, but this mix took eons! Hopefully it’ll be worth it though, and subsequently give you all loads of sun-soaked pleasure over the (slow to burn) summer months and beyond (as the other […]

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dBridge ‘City Of Lonely Runaways’

Darren White (aka dBridge) is a Drum & Bass producer right? Wasn’t he in D&B supergroup Bad Company? Yes, I hear you: he’s not a particularly obvious addition to the Heads Down oeuvre. But lately (actually for a while) this man has been delivering some seriously forward thinking analog music. Through his Autonomic podcasts and […]

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Aérea Negrot Interview

vimeo Direkt As most of you regular readers of Heads Down know, I present a music directive called Basement Sessions. Recently we decided to take it global (he says with false nonchalance) and our first stop was the global centre for electronic music awesomeness that is Berlin. The initial interview I conducted there was with […]

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Cos/Mes ‘Heavenly Trax’ (Jonny Nash)(ESP Institute)

I love the fact that at 38 years old I still get as obsessive as a teenager about new labels and new producers. Recently, I got excited about Whateverwewant(which is pretty patchy to be honest), Italians Do It Better(still absolutely killing it) and now I’m frothing about New York’s ESP Institute. These guys are without […]

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