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Andy Blake Interview

Andy Blake is a London-based DJ, producer and label owner. He is also a man that brings a punk rock DIY aesthetic to an industry full of sycophants and predictability. Andy is unequivocally neither. For me, talking to Andy is like being re-baptised in the music and culture you once loved and emerging refreshed and […]

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Andy Blake Interview

Here’s a wee¬†interrogation¬†of Dissident Records head honcho Andy Blake. The dude’s, well, a dude and has more kick-ass records and analog synth action going on than is strictly necessary. Check it out… (N.B- I have re-posted this, as I’ve had to rejig the format. Apologies to those who’ve already viewed this!)

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And so it began… Welcome to HEADS DOWN.

HEADS DOWN INTRODUCTION Hello, my name’s Christopher Tubbs and this is pretty much where it’s all going to go down. Interviews, hit picks and beyond- all on (exclusive) video and audio. All those underground cats you’ve always wanted to see in the hot seat? Look no further. Make sure you hit the RSS for updates…

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