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2 Bears Interview

We’d been going back and forth with these guys and their management for a while at the Basement Sessions, so I was subsequently surprised and stoked when it happily eventuated. I had tentatively high hopes for their LP ‘Be Strong’, but as I’m very used to be colossally let down by seemingly promising dance artists […]

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Jacques Renault Interview

vimeo Direkt If you’ve been busy buying house and the genre they call nu disco (an awful moniker and soon to be it’s death knell) recently then chances are you’ve encountered this talented chap along the way. Signed to DFA and Rekids as part of Runaway, proprietor of On The Prowl Records and remixer du […]

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Gangs Of Rome ‘Sol Invictus’ (Heads Down Records)

Well, here I am diligently (hand) stamping the Heads Down logo on my (ultra) limited 12″ release on my new (imaginatively titled) Heads Down Records. It’s very exciting, because I have some incredible releases to come: the first release in ten years from DFA’s Research, a new one from my other label’s (Untracked Recordings) star […]

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Heads Down presents Research (DFA) this Thursday @ Vibe in London.

This Thursday at Heads Down is very special for me as I have one of my heroes behind the wheels of nickel plated steel. Research aka Geoff Serle is one of the pioneers of the UK electrofunk/industrial scene of the late seventies/early eighties. He’s recently been returned to the limelight by New York’s DFA, on […]

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LCD Soundsystem- ’45:33′ (Theo Parrish Space Cadet Mix) DFA Records

Now, under normal circumstances I’d be blogging this for rampant downloading (as a low grade virtually useless MP3 of course) but unfortunately I’ve been put on the¬†DFA “Very Naughty Boy” list and told (albeit very politely by label boss and Heads Down fan Jonathan Galkin) to cease and desist. SO, less I do actually experience […]

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Shit Robot- Simple Things(Work It Out)(Todd Terje Version)

Here’s a wee peek at the new Todd Terje remix of the latest offering from DFA’s Shit Robot: it’s got pianos, it’s got acid- hell, it’s even got a rave break! Sooooo June 2009 darling.

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