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Rebles ‘Sweetest Taboo’ (Club Mix)

Ah Soundway. Can this label do no wrong? I could dedicate a post to the towering power of their recent output alone (Steve Monite? Flamingo Pier? Hinde? Etc etc), but I’ll refrain because this isn’t a PR release. Still, right now if it’s got Soundway Records on it it means you should definitely pause Big […]

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Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Velvet’ (Lindstrom Remix)

I’m not going to focus particularly on the original artist here (surprise surprise), or talk about Bernie Wayne’s original or the David Lynch cinematic classic, as I think it’s all a bit beside the point. The star of this performance is definitely the Norwegian Lindstrom, who turns in what can only be described as a […]

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Stefan Goldmann on Berlin & the music business

vimeo Direkt I recently went with AllSaints to Germany to record our first ever Basement Sessions in Berlin (including Aérea Negrot and Gold Panda) and it occurred to me if there was one person I unequivocally had to speak to it was Stefan Goldmann. Aside from being a well-known techno and house producer with releases […]

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Robert Owens Interview (Part 3)

I really enjoyed interviewing Robert; he’s an underground legend, a warmly endearing person and a fantastic artist. And as much as I loved hearing about his writing process, his collaboration with Larry Heard and the creation of his new album, what I REALLY wanted to hear about was the clubs, the atmosphere- what it was […]

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Greg Wilson Interview (Part One)

Greg Wilson is someone about whom much has been written. From the heights of his Eighties electro fame to his seemingly bizarre early retirement leading to his phoenix-like return to prominence… It’s a brit-flick in the making. I’m not going to ramble on about the usual well documented history: you can read about that here, […]

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Flemming Dalum ‘Boogie Down Rimini’ Mix (Magic Waves)

Recently I had a phone conversation with Red Rack em (see my interview here at Heads Down) whereby he was raving about (he’s usually raving about something) some legendary DJ mixes by a mysterious eighties Danish Italo DJ named Flemming Dalum . He told me I should call Ali Renault (he of Heartbreak fame) and get […]

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Faze Action Interview (Part Two)

Here we have the conclusion of my interview with the veritable Faze Action. They talk about their live plans, the realities of the business and what inspired them to come back with such conviction. If you’re wondering about my weird little gasp at the mention of Yam Who?, it’s not because I’m a fanatical fan […]

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San Soda ‘Track One’ (We Play House)

Sometimes record shopping can be a genuinely magical experience. Not very often, but sometimes. The act of walking into a buzzy record store on a hot summer’s day with no idea what you want can create the perfect set-up for the perfect ‘find’. I had that experience a couple of weeks ago, at Sounds Of […]

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