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Lexx ‘Eye 1-2’ feat Asé

I met Lexx aka Alexander Storrer once many moons ago: he was one of the first people I interviewed for Heads Down (see the interview here) in the early days of the blog. I remember we finished the interview after about 30 minutes and then sat around drinking red wine listening to tunes… It was […]

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Lexx Originals Compilation (Claremont 56)

I noticed to my profound surprise today that there are still copies of this destroyer of a comp in a couple of shops, which is baffling to say the least. The Originals series of compilations are an Aladdin’s cave of rare music, curated by some of the world’s premiere and tasteful (in a good way) […]

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Lexx Interview

vimeo Direkt Swiss DJ and producer Alex Storrer aka Lexx is one of the most respected members of the modern disco house firmament. He manages to achieve this without being particularly prolific, but by being high on the quality control and by being very selective as to where he releases his music; Permanent Vacation, Drumpoet […]

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