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Lexx ‘Eye 1-2’ feat Asé

I met Lexx aka Alexander Storrer once many moons ago: he was one of the first people I interviewed for Heads Down (see the interview here) in the early days of the blog. I remember we finished the interview after about 30 minutes and then sat around drinking red wine listening to tunes… It was […]

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2 Bears Interview

We’d been going back and forth with these guys and their management for a while at the Basement Sessions, so I was subsequently surprised and stoked when it happily eventuated. I had tentatively high hopes for their LP ‘Be Strong’, but as I’m very used to be colossally let down by seemingly promising dance artists […]

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Massimiliano Pagliara ‘Focus For Infinity’ LP

I first became aware of Massimiliano Pagliara back in 2009 on discovery of his ‘Toxic Love’ EP on Live At Robert Johnson. His beautifully hazy musicality, deft analog production and perfect mix-downs made him, for me, the man to watch. And the Italian in Berlin has not disappointed with this, his ‘Focus For Infinity’ album […]

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Limited Edition Locussolus album at LN-CC

DJ Harvey to you lot probably needs no introduction. If you are unaware of the surfer-cum-DJ-cum-producer then here’s your wakeup call. Harvey seems to live one of the most male-aspirational existences on the planet; after being landlocked in the States due to visa issues (in Hawaii- feel his pain), he now tours the world in […]

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Steve Kotey Interview

This week I traipsed up to Shoreditch to talk to Stevie Kotey: member of world-famous production outfit Chicken Lips, owner of Bear Funk Records, and main man behind Kotey Extra Band. We chat about Chicken Lips’ upcoming album, his origins and his inspirations, as well as fitting in a quick behind the scenes look at […]

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Ichisan & Nakova ‘Tarantela’ (Nang)

Most records coming out under the so-called ‘Nu Disco’ banner are unimaginative, uninspired and will soon (as in next year) sound terribly, terribly dated. There, I said it. Unfortunately there seem to be a gaggle of producers who continuously genre-hop with the seasons, bringing their crappy plug-ins, questionable taste and horrible sunglasses with them. They […]

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