Eno Louis ‘Hot Love’


My old school friend Justin Atkinson pointed me towards this beauty, newly released on the curatorial purveyor of all things lost, funky and African that is Voodoo Funk. They’re having a bit of a moment right now: their last two disco releases have both been heaters (especially the Tony Grey 12″) and despite being remastered a little heavy handedly (a wee bit too much compression for my taste) they’re providing a run of essential records for DJs who play to the fruitier, more open minded floors.

 The track in question heralds from Benin City, Nigeria, was recorded in the early 80s and manages to sound like Bush Tetras meets Shiva Williams at a Talking Heads’ sex party. It’s heavy, bass driven gear that needs to be heard loud to be fully felt. Not to be missed.

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LX ‘Synchro Swim’


I’m totally off the pace on this one (its pretty much sold out everywhere bar LN-CC, last time I checked), but this Lexx edit of ‘Black Stations/White Stations’ is the splice of the year for me, hands down. Absolutely perfect dancefloor-detonating arrangement, nice mastering… Fire in the hole! When Lexx is going to bestow upon us another long overdue original production is the next question. Come on AS, streets is watching. Buy it here- quickly.

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Maricopa ‘Pastel Love’ (Part One)


In my last post I bemoaned the dogged repetitiveness of le dance, especially the so-called Nu-Balearic genre (*puts finger gun in mouth and pulls air trigger*). If I hear another heavily reverbed guitar I’ll have no choice but to go postal on Golborne Rd. I say this because I know that that sorry, vapid nonsense has about as much to do with the glorious Ibiza of yesteryear as, say, the Blue Marlin bar, or Calvin Harris at Amnesia. Despite being on a label called ‘Back To The Balearics’ (named I presume to assist dangerously hungover record store employees with categorisation) this is subtle, nostalgic and ethereal music that never once feels cliched.

For me, the whole record’s most endearing attribute is it’s sonic lack of ambition. This is a four track record based around a single synth sound, some subtle pads, snapping drums and bass. Almost every track on the 12″ ploughs the same furrow, but each incarnation is absolutely sublime. That alone speaks volumes about the confidence of whomever’s behind this, and ensures that I’ll be fiending for Part Two.

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Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold ‘Truth Machine For Lovers’


Just as I was starting to bemoan the lack of interesting music appearing in this latter part of our frankly incredible summer, along came this filthy missive from Heads Down favourites Velvet Season & The Heart Of Gold. From the skin-crawling title to the Balearic-gone-bad darkness of the sleaze-sodden bass line, this is a much needed tonic for the abundance of Claremont 56 rip-offs currently clogging the record store shelves.

Joel Martin (one half of the VSTHOG, along with edit Svengali Gerry Rooney) actually sent me a few things along with this: a further VSTHOG release and an incredible Cougar Man & General Z edit release or two. All of them are top shelf strangeness that I’d love to hear in a club. You know that scene in The Shining when Jack Nicholson is making out with the Nordic beauty in the bathroom? The Nordic beauty who then reveals herself to be a putrefying hag, sore-ridden and green? This is the discoid re-imagining of just that. This is dark druggy club music for people who are tired of the ceaseless cyclic regurgitation.

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Ashley Beedle at Caravan THIS Saturday


Ashley Beedle’s music has been a bit of a THING with me over the years. I can pinpoint so many moments when I first heard AB records: from Ballistic Brothers to Black Science Orchestra to his latest productions under his own name, they’ve all had a profound effect on me, seeing me through some of my hardest times and most jubilant moments. They were also a huge influence on the way I approached my own Atlantic Conveyor productions, making sure that whatever I was attempting to create had a foundation of soul beneath it, a foundation of joy. Or Black Science, as it were.

The long and the short of it is that Mr Beedle is coming to play at this Saturday’s summer session at Caravan Exmouth. It’s a wonderful night as is so I’m enormously picky about who I ask to play; though I must say that if I were to write a list, Ashley Beedle would be at the top of it.

Below is a little mix of some of my favourite Ashley Beedle records to celebrate Saturday’s upcoming mayhem…

The magic ride starts from 6pm- See you there.

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Caravan ‘Enfant De La Nuit’ Mix


So here it is: mix numero duo for 2013. I don’t know what it is (or was) that proved such a melon-twisting distraction, but this mix took eons! Hopefully it’ll be worth it though, and subsequently give you all loads of sun-soaked pleasure over the (slow to burn) summer months and beyond (as the other mixes seem to, judging by the humbling support they’ve had over the years).

I’m back at Caravan Exmouth for the fortnightly Saturday summer sessions tomorrow the 17th of June, and I’m SO looking forward to it. This year has really expanded musically with quite a bit of fairly charging disco, deep musical house and general psychedelic dancefloor esoterica being added to the cauldron during the night. It’s been amazing. Come down, come up and share a dirty martini with me behind the decks… After all, it’s that kind of thing.

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Psychemagik Presents ‘Magik Sunrise’


Over the years I’ve met all types in my two decade trawl through the choppy seas of dance music. From those souls who never quite made it back from Ibiza, the hoards of house producing opportunists in the nineties (and they’re back!), the misguided clubbers who gave their lives to the nocturnal utopianism of dance music only to become penniless depressives… The list is at once sad and telling, sometimes funny and irreverent. There is, however, another breed: a breed I like to call the true school.

Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney (Psychemagik) are true schoolers. Crate diggers, collectors, producers, DJs and true believers. I don’t really know Tom, but Dan is one of those guys who conveys a warmth and enthusiasm that belies how long he’s been in the game. Dan used to tour the globe sourcing rarities for client producers whilst amassing an enviably openminded, mind-blowing collection for himself. It seems almost inevitable that the Kent-based Psychemagik would hook up with Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy (Claremont 56) and Simon Purnell of Leng to release this incredible comp, the sequel to their critically acclaimed (and instantly sold out) ‘Magik Cyrkles’ compilation. I say that because Paul Murphy’s Claremont 56 is THE go-to label for connoisseur compilations of rare and wondrous music.

Off-kilter African reggae (Max Adioa) nestles side by side with eyes-closed deep-jazz funk (Rob Mehl, George Oban), while the stoned, Balearic prog rock of Jeff Liberman jostles for position with the Steve Miller Band-on-valium goodness of Fox’s “The Juggler”. Then there’s the Roxy Music-esque grooves of Joey Newman, the drifting new age ambience of Iasos (whose “Formentera Sunset Clouds”, from the 1975 album “Inter-Dimensional Music”, is a highlight) and the folksy bliss of Yves Simon.

Artists originally ignored first time round, such as Daniel Mathieu, Cherubin, Susana Estrada and Steve & Teresa, are given a place in the spotlight. In fact, Leng spent a considerable amount of time tracking down each artist, allowing them to tell their stories, give the inside history of each track and relive their musical adventures – however previously obscure or overlooked.

I bought this on CD and vinyl- it’s that sensational. To my tastes it’s substantially more enjoyable than Magik Cyrkles (which is no slouch) and is probably hands down the best underground comp since Matthew Burgess and Jolyon Green’s Originals 4 collection for Claremont 56. Buy buy buy!

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Mathew Jonson ‘In The Stars’


I’ve never really followed techno auteur Mathew Jonson’s career particularly closely. I enjoyed ‘Marionette’ and that original Cobblestone Jazz 12″ like every other dance anorak, and occasionally delved into his Wagon Repair label’s catalogue, but his releases on Perlon and Minus have generally passed me by.

‘In The Stars’ is the incredible B side to ‘Automaton’ on Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels. It is (no question) my favourite production from the canny Berlin-based Canadian. It incorporates the plink plonk electronic fission of his techno MJ releases with the jazz freeness of his live Cobblestone Jazz project. It’s so gorgeous… When I first received it I listened to it maybe six times straight and found myself getting more rhapsodical with every play, to the point where I found the need to pick up the blower and start raving to likeminded geeks about it. At 2am on a Tuesday.

Buy the vinyl– it’s that kind of record.

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Caravan ‘Nouveau Départ’ Mix


Could it be? Is this a hallucination? Am I drunk? Nope, this is, unequivocally, the start of Spring. Bared flesh, people dressing inappropriately for ANY time of year… It’s all there. And subsequently that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the Heads Down Sessions to conjure the sunshine once again at Caravan Exmouth.

Some of you will be well acquainted with the Caravan Session by now, either by listening to the mixes or by getting wonky at the night itself. If you’re new to it the deal is this: six hours of Balearica and discoid goodness played by your’s truly (with the occasional killer guest) over a really lovely system accompanied by amazing food and cocktails in a comfy little environment with all the doors and windows thrown open onto a balmy Saturday evening… It’s special, very special.

I kick off the fortnightly 2013 season on Saturday, May 4th at 6pm, so you can come down and sit outside in the sun with a cold mojito. In the meantime, here’s a brand new Caravan mix to inject a little vitamin D into your week…

See you at London’s Caravan Exmouth in a fortnight pilgrims!

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Goldie Interview

Goldie – Interview // AllSaints Basement Session from AllSaints on Vimeo.

Not a man who particularly requires an introduction… I got to sit down with the legendary artist, producer, actor and all-round national treasure for much of a morning, and the resulting interview is a cracker. I think he really enjoyed nerding out about production techniques, the strange symbiosis producers share with engineers and telling a few stories about The Wild Bunch, Soul II Soul and Acid House along the way. I was a bit nervous about interviewing him (we’ve all heard tales of his fiery temperament) but I shouldn’t have been; what we have here is a working creative, with his demons on a leash but not neutered by overt contentedness. Enjoy!


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