About me…

Well, to be honest with you, all you need to know is that I love music and fashion. I love these things in a way that isn’t entirely healthy. I love these things in a time-consuming, bank balance-bashing, relationship-testing kind of way. Thankfully, I know I’m not alone in this.

In the daytime I work as a marketing director, a broadcaster, DJ and music consultant: I’ve worked with BBC 6Music, AllSaints Basement Sessions, Monocle 24, Serato, Air New Zealand, Red Bull, Nokia, Elite Model Agency, Augmented Ibiza… Quite a few odds, bods and (very rarely) sods.

In the past I’ve co-owned a record label, which was a fun alternative to incinerating a gym bag full of fifty pound notes, and produced records on both major and independent labels, which was also a fun, deliriously slow form of financial suicide.

These days I just enjoy writing about the things I love… I leave the nitty gritty to the next generation of foolhardy travellers! And what a journey it is.

Christopher Tubbs

Wellington, September ’14