Bubble Club ‘Morning Star’ (Soft Rocks Remix)


Soft Rocks are four guys from Brighton with more records than you. And they know more peripherally about those records than you (or me, let’s be straight) so we should really be experiencing that internal conflict between admiration and loathing that these facts generally ignite. I’ve generally loathed them up until now (they’re so frikkin’ NICE when you meet them too, it’s disgusting), but this remix has forced me to put the Hate-orade back in the fridge and give it up for love.

I play this a lot. I mean a lot a lot. It conjures up all that wonderous imagery that keeps us buying records: dark strobe-shocked clubs, sweat-drenched disciples having sonic epiphanies to fizzing synths and raw-dog percussion. You may never have the opportunity to play it at the perfect moment to that perfect dancefloor that raves eternally in the recesses of your subconscious, but you will love it.

Morning Star (remix by Soft Rocks) by Dan Keeling

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