Chemical Brothers ‘Swoon’ (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)(Parlophone)


It’s very rare for major labels to bother pulling out the big gun remixers for major artists anymore (witness the hopelessly rubbish mixes for the Gorillaz album). These days they usually get some kid who’ll do it for nothing on a crack of Reason or something; you know- a electro mix from DJ Wizzle Wozzle of Shoreditch or some such soul-destroying nonsense.

So it’s a refreshing change when a label like Parlophone decides to get two of the biggest remixers in leftfield dance (and old collaborators) Lindstrom & Prins Thomas to rinse it out. Essentially they’ve taken a heavily electronic record and replayed it with real instruments, applying all the mixing and arrangement knowhow accumulated from doing 1,345,345 remixes in the last year alone (and that’s only Prins Thomas!).

Expect to hear this all over the festivals this year… It’s nine minutes of sun-soaked bliss.

Chemical Brothers ‘Swoon’ (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix) by cmjct

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