Cos/Mes ‘Heavenly Trax’ (Jonny Nash)(ESP Institute)


I love the fact that at 38 years old I still get as obsessive as a teenager about new labels and new producers. Recently, I got excited about Whateverwewant(which is pretty patchy to be honest), Italians Do It Better(still absolutely killing it) and now I’m frothing about New York’s ESP Institute. These guys are without a doubt a label to collect- on vinyl. They release records that are actually well made enough and with enough sonic headroom (i.e they’re not compressed to breaking point) for a good mastering engineer to create a vinyl master actually worth pressing on vinyl (crazy!).

One of the best artists (so far) on the label is Jonny Nash, also known as Sombrero Galaxy and Discossession. His recent productions for me are matched sonically only by Morgan Geist, Massimiliano Pagliara (also perilously ignored) and Maurice Fulton. He’s the premier league modern disco producer that no one knows (for now). He deals in impeccably honed analog beauty. It’s that simple. I think his Sombrero Galaxy 12″ (also on ESP) was a little too fruity for some, but take my advice and go back to it… It’s a beauty, with one of the most unforgettable Francis Lai-esque piano lines for a hot minute. Get involved!

Cos/Mes ‘Heavenly Trax’ (Jonny Nash Remix)(ESP Institute) by cmjct

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