Seahawks ‘Omega Beach’ (Captains Log)


Seahawks are two music enthusiasts named Jon Tye and Pete Fowler (he of Monsterism fame). Couple of guys, little vinyl record label (Captains Log), a bit of gear (I’m talking about synths here, hedonists)… All pleasantly predictable enough right? But here’s where it gets interesting. Because these guys are doing something truly and identifiably original. At their blog, the boys say “Psychedelic yacht rock, hazy beach pop vibrations and marina drone are all ports of call.”

I’d probably concur with the above, but I’d probably throw in a bit of Krautrock and post-punk for good measure. The fact of the matter is that this is some seriously wigged, blissed and psychedelic business. I’ve never taken heroin (thank heavens for small mercies), but if I did I’d imagine this would be the soundtrack to watching those cornfields sway lazily. Pick up one (of the 250 copies pressed) if you see one; you won’t get another chance.

Seahawks ‘Omega beach’ (Rubadub Records) by cmjct

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