Zero 7- Everything Up (Zizou) (Mock N Took Mix)

Last summer (if you could call it that) I went to the Padded Cell release party at Cafe 1000 in London. I was exhausted after working the incomprehensibly bad Gatecrasher festival (horrible weather, terrible organisation and an unbelievable level of contempt for the reveller) and not really in the mood to go out and shake it. But my buddies Steve, Dan and I represented anyway and in the process caught a pretty unforgettable set from Lord Weatherall.

One of the records that made it so special was the Mock N Toof dub of Ladyhawke’s “Back Of The Van”. No one knew what it was then and few do now… This spanking new remix is very much in the same vein. Celestially engineered drums and razor-sharp percussion ride atop one of Mock N Toof’s trademark hypnotic basslines. Bingo. They kind of overcook it in the last third but hey, you could always re-edit it right?

Zero 7

Zero 7- Everything Up(Zizou) (Mock N Toof Remix)

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