Luca C & Brigante ‘Lucio’ (Double Drop)


OK, Luca C is not what you’d call an unknown. He’s Ali Love‘s tour DJ and occasional co-writer, a relatively well-known promoter in London (with his east end night ‘Spangles’) and from what I can see, a bit of a man about town. Even taking this into account, given his recording history this collaboration with Italian producer Brigante might as well have arrived from Sirius B, slingshot past Jupiter to crash onto the northern beaches of Ibiza.

It’s romantic, soulful, cosmically leftfield and entirely, well, you know… BALEARIC. In fact the word was conceived for records just like this. If you’re one of these people who think soul’s just about Marvin Gaye, swung drums and Rhodes keyboards, then you should probably avoid it. But for those of you who’re looking for that next vibe, here it is. This really is a future classic and will be an sonic object of joy for you all (well, certainly for me anyway) for many years to come. Buy buy buy!!

Luca C & Brigante ‘Lucio’ (Double Drop) by cmjct

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