Begin ‘Optical Holiday’ (Begin)


Today has been one of those days that almost transcends the summers of your childhood. Piercing blue skies, a mere suggestion of wind and a look of rural contentment on everyone’s face (and this is frikkin’ Camden we’re talking about).

When I got home this afternoon, I put on what is absolutely one of my favourite records (bar none) this year. It’s funny really, because if you listen to it in a shop you’ll hear a lot of the sonics and sound palettes we’ve heard a million times before, on a million ‘A Man Called Adam‘ rips; in fact the first time I heard it I thought it was ‘nice’ and walked on. Then I heard it loud. Then I was overcome by THAT feeling. You know THAT feeling right? That feeling that suggests every last molecule of every lost weekend is being pooled for one last sensory assault. It’s absolutely brilliant, basically.

It’s produced by James Holroyd, famed for his long-standing association with Bugged Out and his role as the Chemical Brothers‘ tour DJ (bet that sucked- ho ho). Nice work James, you’ve killed it first time out of the gates. Now what you got?

Begin ‘Optical Holiday’ (Begin) by cmjct

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