This Saturday: Special Needs with Untracked Recordings

Special Needs flyer back

It’s not often I post gigs (I think I’ve posted three in total), but every now and then something comes up which has to be ANNOUNCED LOUDLY. Last year Red Rack’em (aka Hot Coins aka Daniel Berman) invited me to tropical Nottingham to play one of his notorious invite-only Smuggler’s Inn parties. Now, Danny’s not know for his nocturnal shyness, so I gingerly stepped aboard the train north at Kings Cross (with my fellow adventurer/glutton-for-punishment Dan Denize aka Dan 1) with a certain amount of, well, fear actually.

Happily, what started out with trepidation eventually bloomed into one of the most satisfying DJ experiences I’ve had in eons, not to mention an absolutely KILLER night (and morning). Danny played a monster set, quick-fire mixing his way through a blinding assault of techno, house and disco… Making me realise in the process what a frighteningly good DJ he is. I too had a pretty serious night on the wheels, accumulating in a wonky afternoon train ride to London and the quintessential ‘walk of shame’ home to Camden.

Anyhoo, I’ve been counting the days down to this gig for a while; Red Rack’em and I battling it out on the ones and twos at a party that is, bar none, the best proper disco party in Camden. The Special Needs boys are amazing in their own right, so it’s an honour to be asked. It’s also the first time Untracked Recordings has come to the party, so it should be very special indeed. Come say hello and shake it, shake it, shake it.

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