Moody (Moodymann) ‘It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me’ (Mahogani)


There was a veritable commotion in Soho’s Sounds Of The Universe yesterday. Dudes were bouncing behind the till, heads were energetically bobbing, there was an air of tangible excitement that only comes once or twice a year in the jaded sepia world of record retail. That’s right, there’s a new record from the master. And never has the Detroit homeboy’s stock been higher; from his legendary braided and boozed RBMA lecture to his apparently excellent DJ appearances around the UK, the man seems on fire.

As with all fabulousness, there is much conjecture as to it’s true wonder and this is no different. I think personally that the old duffers are put off by the techy acidity of the first minute or so; one of the things that in my opinion make it one of the great DJ transition records of the last ten years. It’s a clarion call to signal that things are about to go DEEP. The rest of course is vintage Moodymann, but slightly cleaner and better produced (heresy!) without ever losing the grit and warmth that make Kenny’s records so special.

There are so many people attempting to make records like this now, but this is a demonstration from the originator of how to truly define, using machines, the essence of soul. Buy buy buy!

Moody (Moodymann) ‘It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me’ (Mahogani Music) by cmjct

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