Pollyn ‘Can’t Get Into It’ (Bottin Remix)


Ok. I kind of feel like I’ve been neglecting my post-punk Gauloise-smoking, Supreme Vans-wearing peeps for a while, which is why I thought I should post this upfront and infectious little pop-post-disco banger on the blog. Bottin‘s obviously like family here at Heads Down (watch the interview), so when I heard the remix I thought ‘let’s go!’. Bottin’s on some kind of wonky, off-centre-type ish at the moment (check his Espresso Dub of Steve Kotey Extra Band’s ‘Hot Ring‘), and this is him ploughing that fitful furrow.

But let’s not forget Pollyn the band. Pollyn are pretty big underground cats in Los Angeles; their brand of edgy Lynchian discoid pop probably sounds awesome played over the 9pm downtown haze, leaning unsteadily on a balcony rail off Mulholland, with a Cuba LibreĀ in your hand, a head full of **** (insert appropriate poison here) and an appetite for destruction. It’s pretty hard to do this kind of thing well (the pop/post-punk/disco balancing act), as more often than not it’s way too pop for some and not nearly pop enough for others. I think producer Adam Jay Weissman, vocalist Genevieve Artadi and guitarist Anthony Cava pull it off pretty well. If you like Desire on Italians Do It Better, than you should definitely check this…

Pollyn ‘Can’t Get Into It’ (Bottin Remix) by cmjct

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