Ichisan & Nakova ‘Tarantela’ (Nang)


Most records coming out under the so-called ‘Nu Disco’ banner are unimaginative, uninspired and will soon (as in next year) sound terribly, terribly dated. There, I said it. Unfortunately there seem to be a gaggle of producers who continuously genre-hop with the seasons, bringing their crappy plug-ins, questionable taste and horrible sunglasses with them. They walk amongst us. One of them might even be your neighbour! Stay vigilant.

Luckily, these guys aren’t ‘those guys’, as it were. Ichisan & Nakova (aka Igor and Jure) are two dudes from Slovenia who are attempting to infuse the sounds of modern electronic disco with the melodies and rhythms that have surrounded them since childhood. Their upcoming album ‘Yugo Tempo‘ on London’s Nang imprint is one of those albums that collectors of wonky, ethnic and Balearic disco will be hunting down in years to come.

This album cut from the LP sums up their vibe nicely. ‘Tarantela’ nicely turns it’s dub-wise bassline on it’s head, by combining it with indigenous melodies, Tarantino-esque guitar lines and aluminium suitcases full of atmosphere. Me likey.

Ichisan & Nakova – Tarantela (Nang Records) by cmjct

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