MFB ‘Boredom Pain’ (Nigeria)


This week has been a miraculous week for record shopping. From the brilliant Blackjoy mix of Monnette Sudler’s Baby Erik to the beautiful Soul Jazz repress of Eighties Ladies ‘Ladies Of The Eighties’ and on to this, or rather the comp from whence it came: Lagos Disco Inferno on Voodoo Funk.

The compilation covers that particularly interesting period in the ’70’s when Lagos was a booming oil town, with fat clips of foreign investment and a subsequently booming nightlife. Labels like EMI and Decca set up shop and shipped in their vintage analogue hardware handed down by their European studios. So while the Americans and Europeans were getting all Roland-tastic on it, these guys were still rocking the Moogs, big (real) horns and raw percussion.

While there’s some serious heat throughout this comp, ‘Boredom Pain’ is the tune that’s killing it for me. Phasing, panning guitar solos are underpinned by some serious cosmic discoid funk. Moreover, the song itself is totally badboy.

“You can shake your bones, or you can shake your flesh. You can turn around, or you can move your waist”. Alright then! This is gonna be big…

MFB ‘Boredom Pain’ (Nigeria) by cmjct

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