Billy Love ‘Melloghettomental’


At some point in the last decade I remember reading an interview with a young Theo Parrish that I found so grievously pompous, that I scored a three point rubbish bin shot after four paragraphs.

It’d always seemed to me that he was a little too sure, and not substantial enough in his output. Yet over the last few years he has proved me and a host of other cynics wrong, with a slew of releases that have not just progressed house music, but pushed soul music itself forward.

In the last six months alone we’ve had not only his (dare I say it) catchy remix of LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33, but also this, the soon-to-be-classic Billy Love EP featuring this track,’Melloghettomental’.

Billy Love is the front man here, but TP is ostensibly the pilot, pushing a sound that is so uniquely his behind the boards. They’re a brilliant combination; Billy Love’s ghetto-vision vocals providing a glimmer of hope and aspiration against TP’s looming minor chords. Buy buy buy!

Billy Love ‘Melloghettomental’ (Sound Signature) by cmjct

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  1. […] a darned hypocrite when it comes to Theo Parrish, the remixer of this record (see my rant about Billy Love for some clarification). I’ve thought him overrated for so long, yet now I think he’s a […]

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