Sean P Interview

When I first arrived in London in 1997, I used to make regular pilgrimages down to the Music & Video Exchange at Notting Hill Gate. There in the dance basement sat a man known (with hushed reverence) as ‘The Knowledge’.

‘The Knowledge’ was the ‘go-to-guy’ for information on any black music-related obscurity, and to get some sort of acknowledgement from the big man was an achievement in itself.

The man I’m referring to is of course Sean P. He’s an avid (to wildly understate it) record collector, a respected DJ and to top it all, one of THE all-round oracles when searching for information relating to disco, soul and… the rest.

What he’s really known for these days though is his master’s touch when compiling compilations of rare black and not-so-black music: from Disco Spectrum to Disco-Not-Disco to the new Claremont 56 Originals 3 compilation (which hits the shelves next week). Here we discuss his origins, Art Blakey and controversially perhaps (given that I co-own the vinyl-only label Untracked!) the vinyl vs digital debate.

You can check his unique steez here at Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

vimeo Direkt

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