James Pants Interview

James Pants makes me want to make more music, period. His productions have a level of joie de vivre and straight joyfulness that most music makers I know would give their left testicle (or ovary for that matter) to maintain. He wears his influences on his sleeve: post punk, disco, hip-hop and rock all get a look in, but it never feels token or kitsch. Intense bass, crazy atmospherics and drummer’s drums is what you get. Oh, and songs.

Not only that, but his inclusion on the modern Stones Throw roster is not only a indication of his own impressive abilities, but a sign that Stones Throw know, unequivocally, what time it is. He’s landed on the greatest independent label in the world today, and they’re lucky to have him.

I managed to corner James, because we’re both working for the Red Bull Music Academy (he’s a team member and I work in digital media). He could hardly say no, poor dude…

vimeo Direkt

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