San Serac ‘Music Never Ends’ (Environ)

Now what have we here? A Godzilla-sized pop record on theĀ Morgan Geist owned Environ label. So I’m betting that San Serac made some kind of drunken proclamation to Morgan Geist that he could write a hit pop record “this frikkin weekend” if Morgan Geist would, in turn, put it out (I’ve made- and lost- these bets MANY times).

And wouldn’t you know, it’s an absolute stormer. With a synth hook very reminiscent of Robin S’s “Show Me Love”, fantastic lyrics, a rollercoaster of an arrangement and a insouciant art school cockiness, this my friends is the bomb.

I have to admit, I’m a San Serac fan since ‘Tyrant’ on Output (if you don’t already you MUST own this) so to see a triumphant return like this makes me all teary.

Is it just me, or are we amidst a golden era in underground music right now?


San Serac ‘Music Never Ends’ (Environ) by cmjct

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