Flemming Dalum ‘Boogie Down Rimini’ Mix (Magic Waves)

Recently I had a phone conversation with Red Rack em (see my interview here at Heads Down) whereby he was raving about (he’s usually raving about something) some legendary DJ mixes by a mysterious eighties Danish Italo DJ named Flemming Dalum . He told me I should call Ali Renault (he of Heartbreak fame) and get him to sort me out.

Now then, although I own some good Italo Disco, I have always been of the opinion that most of it is trendy revivalist nonsense for idiots with asymmetric haircuts. Thing is, you can pretty much apply that to any genre: most Hip Hop is corporate rubbish for New Era cap wearing fools and most House is bland crap for cowboy hat-wearing PR assistants etc…

This mix is fantastic: if you ever doubted that Italo was the missing link between Disco and Chicago house, here’s the proof that it was. Flemming Dalum is a card-carrying cult DJ in the world of Italo, and is believed to own the most complete collection of Italo Disco in the world (some 25,000 records strong). His quick fire DJ mixes using unique edits have become legendary. Magic Waves have sagely decided to put out a three-disc compilation of his ‘Boogie Down’ mixes (including the never before heard ‘Boogie Down Firenze’ mix).

I cannot recommend this enough… It’ll be super-limited so get involved! Until then, check THIS out.


Flemming Dalum ‘Boogie Down Rimini’ DJ Mix (Magic Waves) by cmjct

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