Desire ‘Don’t Call’ (Italians Do It Better)

Italians Do It Better are, for my money, one of the greatest independent record labels in the world, bar none. Their roster of artists is like a who’s who of the contemporary east coast underground: Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, Nite Jewel, Bottin (the only Italy-based Italian)… I could go on.

But I think their reach extends well beyond any catagorisation; in my mind they’re a pop label. The man who underpins the sound of IDIB (beyond owner Mike Simonetti) is the producer Johnny Jewel. His Midas touch can be heard on much of the label’s output (Glass Candy and Chromatics especially) and his reverb-heavy production style defines the swirling opiate feel of Italians Do It Better.

Desire is a new signing to the label and once again Johnny’s on the boards. This time he and they have set the dials to “pop” with pretty staggering results.

I know this album’s been blogged all over the show, but I also know I see way too many copies of this LP sitting on record store shelves. It’s a popular music master work; a bittersweet paen to youth, with all it’s optimism, self-doubt and vanity.

I read that they’re making a sequel to Donnie Darko… Here is your soundtrack.


Desire- Don’t Call by cmjct

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