Spectral Empire ‘Innerfearance’ (Chateau Flight Remix)(Thisisnotanexit Records)

Spectral Empire are an interesting bunch. I like to think of their creations as Balearic music; not the kind of Balearic music you’d hear over a few ‘Sunset Daiquiri’ at the Singaporean branch of the Cafe Del Mar, but rather music for a hellish post-nuclear Ibiza: cancerous zombies under brown skies, limping fitfully across the scorched earth in search of charred Euro flesh. It is, fair to say, pretty dark music.

George Thompson (a principal member of the band alongside Kyle Martin) has been sending me bits of their proggy, opiate techno for a while. Although I really liked it, I couldn’t quite understand who outside London’s skunk-psychotics and Berlin’s Ketamine freaks were – you know – going to buy it. Until I saw this.

What I hadn’t realised is that this is a band with an aesthetic; this is music to soundtrack the John Carpenter movie that is yet to be made. This isn’t to say the music doesn’t stand up by itself, because it does. It’s just nice to see the whole groovesome yet unsettling picture.

George and Kyle, along with Johnny Nash (another collaborator on the project) and Joel Small are taking Spectral Empire live this autumn. They promise a tight but warped four piece with psychedelic visuals… Just the thing for when the fog returns and the cold darkness descends across the city… So get booking bookers.

Below is the soon-to-be-big Chateau Flight remix of ‘Innerfearance‘; just one of the gems to be found on this decidedly underground treasure.


Spectral Empire ‘Innerfearance’ (Chateau Flight Remix) by cmjct

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