Jonathan Jeremiah ‘Happiness’ (Morgan Geist Remix)(Island Records)

Ok. Right then. I don’t know much about Jonathan Jeremiah, except that he’s a new signing to Island. He has an interesting, languid, slightly fey delivery reminiscent of that kind of mid-eighties Peter Gabriel-type action. Could I be any more vague? Whatever; we all know why we’re here.

Morgan Geist is, in my pretty opinionated opinion, the greatest dance music producer alive. He manages levels of production finesse that evade, let’s face it, everyone else. It never sounds EASY; you can hear the sweat, blood (and most crucially) tears that have gone into his work. But the end results (at his Metro Area best) have a weird organic symmetry, a sort of light-as-air architectural purity which (to me) is almost transcendental.

Anyway, he hasn’t flexed like this for quite some time; it’s almost like he’s reminding us all who’s boss, before they do the ‘grand reveal’ on the new Metro Area album at the end of the year (fingers crossed).

What you’re hearing here, unequivocally, is the sound of a hundred laptop producers powering down cubase for the last time… Enjoy.


Jonathan Jeremiah ‘Happiness’ (Morgan Geist Remix) by cmjct

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