Giuseppe Leonardi ‘MenteMente’ (Second Circle)

While I always used to be desperate to get the newness up on the blog first, these days I like to take a different approach: I like to live with a record for a month (or two) and see if it’s still doing it for me. If it’s still delivering after 40 drives with the kids yelling in the back and my wife talking over the music about the perils of (ironically) holding onto my stress… only then do we have a potential blog post. These are the tests that matter. Not the musings of a reclining single music enthusiast intently rolling a joint with one hand while fine tuning the mids on his Alpha Recording Systems mixer with the other. This is not music in its real word setting, people.

This lovely record has been soundtracking my tea making activities for ages now, and it pairs beautifully with early spring and a peppermint tea bag. I’m a big fan of Second Circle records (and mothership label Music From Memory for that matter); Dazion is one of my favourite contemporary producers (period) and Androo is nothing but flava, as we used to say in the 90s.

Spanning Balearica, synth boogie, house(ish) and electro, this record touches a lot of bases without feeling like an EP of random tracks that were just sitting on the producer’s desktop. It’s also a really strong evolution from his debut ‘TBC’ on Second Circle, which had some great ideas but was ultimately stumped by some less than perfect mix downs. This is immaculately conceived and executed in every respect, with enough sonic variety to maintain your attention and sanity during those long drives to the trampoline park.

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