Roisin Murphy ‘Murphy’s Law’ (Cosmodelica Remix)

While I know this remix is probably in pretty much everyone’s serotonin replacement playlist (if it’s not, well, you’re welcome) and perhaps not a typical Heads Down record, I just had to talk about it. As with any single that follows a classic, La Murphy’s original was a record with a lot of expectation riding on its Gwen Guthrie-esque shoulders after the DJ Parrot-produced monster that was/is ‘Incapable’. Unfortunately it just didn’t quite hit, you could sense the promise, but it wasn’t quite there.

Enter stage left another Murphy, DJ Cosmo aka the brilliant Colleen Murphy: radio DJ, club DJ, Mancuso acolyte, producer and general all round purveyor of warmth, happiness and positive energy. Colleen has delivered a remix that feels modern but instantly classic and imbued with the spirit of early 80s NYC: cascading pianos, gorgeous string lines, killer synth bass and a vocal that has with open arms finally found its instrumental soul mate. More than anything though, it’s just so deeply musical and life affirming; the perfect radio record during this surreal time in this overwhelmingly imperfect world. Thank you so much ladies. (P.S- check out Roisin’s lockdown version below if you haven’t already).

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