Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy Interview (Part One)

Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy is a true-blue believer. One of the principle characters to come out of the influential early to mid nineties underground dance music scene, Mudd stands alongside the Idjuts, Felix Dickinson (both of whom are interviewed at Heads Down) and Steve Kotey from Chicken Lips, all of whom emerged at that time.

Aside from being a highly respected producer (under the guises and collaborations Smith & Mudd, Mudd & Pollard, Claremont and Akwaaba), Paul is also the owner of the one-of-a-kind record label Claremont 56, a label that’s all about dub-washed, sun-soaked and discofied Balearic music.

Here he talks to me (on a baking-hot London day) about all of the above, as well as his brand new Smith & Mudd album ‘Le Suivant‘, which is out right now (and going fast by all accounts!).

vimeo Direkt

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