LX72 aka Lexx ‘State Of Resilience’

I’ve been waiting for for my 12″ of this to arrive in the post New Zealand Christmas logjam, as I didn’t want to write a word before I could physically put a needle on it. It’s so heartening to hear a club record from Swiss underground hero Lexx (aka Alex Storrer), because irrespective of genre all his productions have a sort of grown up bounce and snap. From the MPC bump of State of Resilience to the Theo Parrish-esque blazed beatdown of ‘Duster’, this record is an absolute testament to good taste, and I mean that not in a kind of ‘buttoned-down’ myopic sense, but rather in a ‘I’ve dedicated my adult life the only buying the best music and here are the fruits of those labours’ kind of way.

Turns out that I needn’t have waited for the vinyl… It’s now available digitally to on Bandcamp too. This is my kind of dance music: subtly soulful (rather than ‘soulful house’ as it were), deep and absolutely built and EQ’ed for big rigs. I can’t wait to play this out in the Body Electric room at 3am during the 121 Festival in March…

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