Kapote Remix EP2 (Toy Tonics)

There I was about to start bemoaning the idea that dance music had finally hit rock bottom and that we should storm the offices of Beatport et al with pitchforks and duct tape (this might still be fun) when there’s suddenly this sustained glut of brilliance! Just goes to show, don’t look to me as a barometer of dance culture- beyond my narrow underground obsessions I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on. Anyway, there are two remixes of Toy Tonic’s head honcho Kapote that I’d like to bring to your attention: firstly the Sworn Virgins (yes them of Deewee fame) mix and secondly the Rahaan effort.

First up the Rahaan. Most readers of Heads Down will be familiar with this native of Chicago. A brilliant DJ and editor who’s best known for his take on the more soulful side of disco and the early house sound. This remix is one of the best pieces of work I’ve ever heard from the man: mid tempo, deep and syncopated, featuring subtly filtered crescendos and giddily euphoric and wildly musical breakdowns… Bravo.

The second is Sworn Virgin’s super sleazy Italo meets Chicago grinder that sounds like being trapped in a club for three days with Ron Hardy playing said remix on +6 while attached to an IV drip of pharmaceutical grade cocaine. In a good way. It’s even got monotonically intoned lyrics about the joys of sexual asphyxiation. Check and checkmate!

I have to admit I haven’t really followed Toy Tonics releases up to now, but this release will be prompting a full back catalogue review. Sterling work people! You can buy said awesomeness digitally and on the round black things here.

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