James Massiah ‘Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)’

This is without a doubt one of my absolute faves to emerge from the intra-web ether in the third quarter of 2019. James Massiah is a London poet, as at home performing at the Tate as he is in a sweaty basement getting his diaphragm shook.

This track he alluded to in a Red Bull interview as being “about sex, hedonism, violence, blood, freedom, power and companionship”- which sounds about spot on. He also describes the sound as influenced by early iterations of dancehall and Chicago house music, which is also pretty on the money. Personally I think it sounds like an MDMA trip gone wrong, where everything that once was warm, woozy and heavy-lidded slowly becomes paranoid, saccharin and toxic.

Make sure you check out the absolutely brilliant video below, directed by Ian Pons Jewell which captures the uneasy euphoria and baked claustrophobia inherent to the song almost perfectly.

The track is available on 7″ (with a super dope B side too) here and is immediately available digitally here. Buy buy buy!

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