In Flagranti ‘Affective Placebo Effect’

Recently I posted about the staggeringly good Green Carrot & Selvagem ‘Ossain’ track on Disco Halal and I had a fair bit of enthusiastic feedback asking me to divulge a few more throwback essentials. OK then!

In 2007 I booked a young Daniel Avery to play my Discolexia night at Cargo in London. I’d followed Dan for a while on MySpace; he had a demo of The XX on his page (who were mates of his if I remember rightly) and I was intrigued to see what would come next. Unsurprisingly (in retrospect) everything he posted was really interesting and very much the zeitgeist. When I finally got him along to play I remember standing against the wall next to Richard Sen and Dbridge, both of whom almost simultaneously turned to me when he was playing to ask “who the f**k is this?”. Daniel was in full dark disco post punk mode and he was great.

Perhaps the standout track from his set was this tune. It just has so much atmosphere: the insistent drone, the discordant synth, the heavy slap bass. Subsequently I can honestly say a year hasn’t gone by where I haven’t played it… A lot. It creates a link between the warmup to the main push in a club in a way not many records can replicate. It almost feels like the dance floor drops two inches when I play it and the place just gets… darker. It sets you up to take the dance floor in any direction you like, which of course is a beautiful thing.

In Flagranti are Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor, two Swiss dance music aficionados who’ve collectively been around the block. Their music kind of sounds like Liquid Liquid, Patrick Cowley and some neighbourhood outfit straight out of Downtown 81 all roped together and liberally doused in LSD, which is this case is a good thing. I fully recommend you delve into their wonderfully rich and surprising catalogue… But start right here (please note that the YouTube video has been wrongly named… It is actually ‘Affective Placebo Effect’).

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