Miss Represented (Party Central)

Laughing or whimpering? Blood stained five quid notes. Cheap chaffing leather. A beaming Patrick Cowley. The wrong party at the right time. Forgetting where you are on day two.

The above were a few extremely half arsed notes that I made upon listening to this basement sleazefest for the first time. It’s a darkly gleeful diary of lessons learnt the hard way, helmed by an artist who has, to quote, “lived her life on the dark side of Scotland’s acid house scene” and who is ably co-produced by a chug-mode Thomas Von Party (known for his work with Multi Culti and Turbo).

There’s a lot to love: the ultra pragmatic ‘The Truth Is Out There’, ‘Crack That Habit’ and ‘The Prowler’ are all throbbing mid and uptempo killers, but for me it’s the lo fi nihilism of Johnny Aux’s mix of ‘Crack That Habit’ that makes me want to go out for, like, ever (which might or might not have been the record’s intention). This is V V V dangerous and worth your time if you like a lot of sleaze with your strobe light. And who doesn’t? You can buy it here.

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