Evans Pyramid ‘Never Gonna Leave You’ (Joakim / Max Pask Disco Mix)

Here lies a killer vinyl-only edit of Evans Pyramid ‘Never Gonna Leave You’. Yes yes, it’s all about new music… Except when it’s not. Let’s start by stating there are countless edits of records out there that never needed editing. Someone way more famous than me once said that by removing the cheese you might also remove the contrast, meaning without the dodgy bit you might not recognise the good bit! Or something like that. Anyway, there was definitely a glut of edits that came out for a while that just sounded like late nineties house records without the sub (or slow Ron Hardy edits without the soul)… You know the ones.

This bad boy does not belong to that group. Evans Pyramid’s 1978 underground bomb was pretty poorly mixed and mastered in its original form, with an arrangement that all happens a little too quickly for a lot of contemporary DJs. Certainly a little too quickly for the record to be the megaton serotonin detonation that it was always meant to be and now is.

French legend Joakim and Brooklyn-based Max Pask need no introduction and needless to say this has been handled with a deft touch that comes from a hefty dollop of experience and huge respect for the original material. Bien joué fellas!

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