Lexx ‘Eye 1-2’ feat Asé

I met Lexx aka Alexander Storrer once many moons ago: he was one of the first people I interviewed for Heads Down (see the interview here) in the early days of the blog. I remember we finished the interview after about 30 minutes and then sat around drinking red wine listening to tunes… It was one of those rare situations where you just click with someone out of the blue. We were both golden era hip hop kids whose tastes had veered way leftfield as time had gone on.

Lexx is one of those producers who’s progress has been forensically followed for years by heads for any sign of an LP. Over the years I’ve given him the very occasional good-humoured ribbing online for failing to deliver more music (pre his superb Phantom Island collaborative label). I should’ve kept quiet because the album that has emerged is immaculately conceived, painstakingly produced and is, quelle surprise, a coherent album rather than a pot pourri of tracks, as is the reality with a lot of producer/DJs LP efforts (mine included).

This horizontally-inclined beauty is from his upcoming long-player aptly named Cosmic Shift, on the Phantom Island imprint. Featuring the album-stealing Zurich-based singer Asé, it effortlessly pulses along with rich synth flourishes and beautifully represented live instrumentation. It really is gorgeous, and for me the high-water mark on an album with a slew of stellar moments.

If you want to find out more about the album, go to Apiento’s Test Pressing: Piers Harrison has painted a broader view of an album no one should really be without, as the promise of a long Western Hemisphere summer stretches ahead.

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