Ruf Dug Presents The Committee ‘Down 2 It’ ft. Watson

OK, so this isn’t fresh-out-of-the-box (it was released back in April), but it’s super fresh. Newness for the sake of newness is not really what Heads Down is about. This is a stone cold mid-tempo basement detonation, period! Once again, this is not speculative; this record is tried, tested and certified at Body Electric. That might not mean a huge amount to you if you’re outside New Zealand, but let’s just say it’s a demanding dancefloor. It’s a set up banger par excellence. The project is the work of Balearic rudeboy Ruf Dug plus a host of Rhythm International associates and is just one song off an extremely listenable and lively EP.

The full Ruf Dug Presents The Committee EP features vocals from Bradley Zero, Chris Watson (on this track), Natalie Wildgoose, Sienna Mustafa and Nadina. Produced by Mali Baden Powell, it was recorded over two weeks in the South East London label’s in-house studio.

At a different time in a record industry past, this kind of record would get you a major deal. It’s a modern slice of pop-not-pop: lyrically naive (in an extremely appealing way) yet monstrously heavyweight… this record will live well beyond most from this cyclically regurgitating era. Buy buy buy.

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