Rebles ‘Sweetest Taboo’ (Club Mix)

Ah Soundway. Can this label do no wrong? I could dedicate a post to the towering power of their recent output alone (Steve Monite? Flamingo Pier? Hinde? Etc etc), but I’ll refrain because this isn’t a PR release. Still, right now if it’s got Soundway Records on it it means you should definitely pause Big Little Lies or whatever and listen to it immediately.

This brand new reissue is of the 1986 Soca version (and my own favourite, the ‘Club Mix’) of Sade’s classic is by Caribbean band Reble (also known as D’Rebels Band). I’m pretty sure Soundway have sprayed each record with Hawaiian Tropic, it’s so evocative of rickety deckchair days and warm sun on your skin.

Not if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere mind you (where I am), where there’s a genital-inverting gale blowing outside and a cacophony of guttural coughing everywhere I go. Still, it’s nice to dream that I’m bethonged in some wild Caribbean end-of-civilisation type scenario, staggering around with a half-split Dark & Stormy in a plastic cup, simultaneously laughing and crying at the sheer gorgeousness of this tune and the hopelessness of my dancing (try getting that image out of your head).

Can’t wait to punt this out t’floor on the 22nd at Body Electric with Frank Booker

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