Carrot Green & Selvagem ‘Ossain’

As Heads Down has been out of commission for the last 4 years (!) I feel that’s it’s not too out of order to have a little retrospective on some of the tunes that during the last couple of years have turned out to be weapons-grade club destroyers of a more underground nature. One of the best things about having a jumping club night (Body Electric @ Club 121) is that it takes the speculative nature out of this, meaning when I say something’s a ‘club banger’ I mean it’s frickin certified, kid.

One of the tunes that literally never stops getting played and is actually a kind of green light, ‘let’s go’ record at around 11.45pm is the Brazilian Carrot Green & Selvagem’s 2016 version of ‘Ossain’. There isn’t a guest DJ who hasn’t asked me what this organic, driving mid tempo monster is (except Flamingo Pier who already has it) and it just ignites the room in a kind of deep, musical PERFECTLY produced kind of way. When I say perfect, I mean perfect drum, bass and synth sounds, perfect arrangement, perfect mix. Perfect.

Most of the excellent Disco Halal label’s material is available digitally, except this and the edits… it’s those big expensive samples that keep it strictly vinyl. They sensibly recently repressed it and I’d imagine it’s available at most of your favourite record spots. Basically I couldn’t recommend it more; reflected by the fact that I’ve bought a further 3 copies of the bad boy.

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